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The Evian Resort offers care for Mom & Baby, Detox & Vitality, Duo, Kids & Teens and hair care. All are adapted to your needs and realized by professionals. Discover them below.

Mothers-to-be and new mothers can enjoy treatments designed specially for them and their babies. These treatments are available at the Spa Evian Source, Spa Quatre Terres and Evian thermal spa.

Created specifically for new mothers and their babies, these programmes provide time out for well-being and bonding, ensuring a gentle way to recover after baby’s arrival.

These programmes are the opportunity for unique shared moments during which massage and communication techniques with baby are taught at morning “baby massage”, “baby give me a sign”, “aquababy” and “baby discovery” sessions. In the afternoon, mother enjoys a well-being programme comprising relaxation and beauty treatments while baby is pampered at the Baby Resort.

Once baby no longer has any pains, he or she can spend special moments with mother during her phase of relaxation and recovery.


At the Spa Evian Source:

The Spa Evian Source has designed a massage that uses specific movements to bring deep relaxation and comfort to expectant mothers. Babies experience new sensations during a massage or familiarise themselves with water during baby swim sessions.


At the Spa Quatre Terres:

Massages for mothers-to-be and new mothers are proposed alongside baby massage, performed by a specially-trained therapist. The baby massage provides an introduction to massage techniques that can be performed by parents, the aim being to arouse baby’s interest and enable mother to relax, thus improving baby’s sleep which is vital to good growth.


At Evian Thermal Spa:

Massages and Pilates classes are available for expectant mothers at Evian’s thermal spa.


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Detox & vitality

The Spa Evian Source has devised Detox and Re-energise programmes that last 2 to 4 days and include various treatments such as detox, drainage, purifying and revitalising treatments, a range of world-inspired body scrubs using Himalayan salts, salts and mud from the Dead Sea, and physical activity with a private coach.


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Specific treatments for athletes and golfers such as the sports massage or special golfer’s massage have been designed to relieve muscle tension that can be felt after a round of golf.


The Spa Quatre Terres is equipped with a double treatment room that is perfect for time together, a place to try out the various types of treatments on offer: massages, facials, foot reflexology and many more.


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The Wellness area at Evian’s Thermal Spa also provides a double treatment room with views of Lake Geneva and is equipped with a two-person jacuzzi. Several duo treatments can be chosen à la carte: massages, relaxing baths, etc.

For children & teenagers

At the Spa Evian Source:

Up to 12 years inclusive: gentle massage, princess hair styling at the spa’s hair salon, mini foot care, mini manicure, baby massage, baby swim sessions.


At the Spa Quatre Terres:

For children aged 5 to 11 years with products by ToofruiT

(Children must be accompanied by their parents during treatment sessions)

Children’s skin has specific needs. The aim of the programmes available at the Spa Quatre Terres is to help children look after their skin, learn about good hygiene and  have their first spa experience via the organic brand Toofruit, using fun, educational treatment protocols developed by our experts.

Gentle face treatment, mini Princess hands, a massage like grown-ups, etc.


For teens aged 12 to 17 years

Adolescence is a time of building a self-image and it is essential to feel comfortable in one’s own skin. The purity treatments for face and/or back, massages and manicures provide that feeling of well-being.

Hair & treatments

At the Hôtel Royal’s hair salon, several hair rituals are available including the tailored Kerastase ritual, Sublime Caviar ritual and L’Oréal Profiber ritual.

Well-being programme “Balance 3”

The 3-day “Balance3” programme enables the body to cleanse itself via the combination of enjoyable, revitalising spa treatments and the benefits of detox cuisine, to give it all the vitality it needs after the winter.

Begin your day tranquilly, at one with your surroundings during a muscle warm-up session in the hotel grounds, restore your vital energy thanks to detox spa treatments and reawaken your senses with low-calorie menus designed by our experts.


Available in 2 days version

Discover the well-being programme “Balance3”