Wellness, Fitness and Thermal Spa Programmes


 Located 5 minutes from the Evian Resort, Les Thermes evian® is the only the place of its kind in the world. 

Right in the home of evian® mineral water, Evian thermal spa offers a wide range of treatments to tone, renew and relax.



Water is recognised as being a vital element, a “source of life”, and at Les Thermes evian® is central to a programme that focuses specifically on health. The opportunity to return to one’s roots and to what really matters, making the most of the benefits provided by evian® natural mineral water in a place that is unique.

The wellness area at Les Thermes is devoted entirely to beauty treatments and massages, providing unique, multi-sensory experiences that relax, revitalise and in so doing maintain youthfulness, using products by Dermact and Matis. 


380m² / 8 treatment rooms with natural daylight including a duo room / 1 cryotherapy machine / 2 steam rooms / 1 sauna


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With the aim of finding the perfect balance our body needs, Les Thermes evian® also offers a Fitness Area plus water-based treatments, and medical thermal spa programmes to make the most of the benefits of evian® water in the Aqua Area.
A lake view gym offers a range of group classes with workouts for all abilities and a cardio & weight training area for toning up.

360m² / 3 rooms / 1 leisure pool

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Medical thermal spa programmes

evian® natural mineral water has a low mineral and sodium content, is pH neutral and pollution free. Its therapeutic benefits are recognised by the National Academy of Medicine. 
Since 1984, Les Thermes evian® has constantly sought to innovate its medical spa programmes and spa water treatments in order to offer its clients lasting protection of their health through pain relief, help with digestive and urinary disorders, cellulite, orange-peel skin and more.

Various packages are on offer at the Thermal Spa: medical spa programmes recognised by the national health service, private medical spa programmes, wellness breaks that include treatments using evian natural mineral water.


700m² / 26 treatment rooms / 1 thermal pool

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