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Thermal Spa

Within 5 minutes walking distance, the Evian Thermal Spa are a unique place in the world.  At the very source of the Evian mineral water, the thermal baths offer a wide range of toning, regenerating and relaxing treatments.

The spa

By making evian natural mineral water central to its spa menu, the Thermal Spa uses products by Skinceuticals and Thalgo to offer unique multisensorial experiences that relax, revitalise and in so doing maintain youthfulness.


With the aim of finding the perfect balance our body needs, the Thermal Spa also proposes water-based treatments, medical spa programmes and thalassotherapy to make the most of the benefits of evian water.

Medical spa programme and thalassotherapy

Evian natural mineral water is both pollution-free, pH neutral and has a low-mineral content that contains bicarbonates and little sodium. It owes these unique properties to its origins, that of a hydrogeological site formed 35,000 years ago.  Under thick layers of clay, the water is filtered and enriched over 15 years. This feat of nature bestows the water with a unique mineral balance that has made the town and its spa programmes famous.


evian’s thermal spa has been at these premises since 1984 and is constantly seeking to innovate its medical spa programmes and spa water treatments in order to offer its clients lasting protection of their health.


The therapeutic benefits of the water, recognised by the National Academy of Medicine, are used by therapists to enable all those who use it to rediscover youthfulness by regenerating or healing cells. The medical spa programmes cover a wide range of evian water-based treatments that combat pain, digestive and urinary malfunction, cellulite and orange-peel skin.


Various packages are on offer at the Thermal Spa: medical spa programmes authorised by the national health service, private medical spa programmes, wellness and thalassotherapy weekends and breaks that include treatments using evian natural mineral water.