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Gourmet hikes at the Hôtel Royal

Gourmet hikes at the Hôtel Royal
From 04.01.2018 until 10.31.2018


A unique experience of discoveries and sharing, under the sign of excellence.
Come and breathe in the pure mountain air and discover exceptional sites with our selection of hikes.
A time for sport or reflection, for a walk on the wild-side or taking things slowly. Each one of our walks aims to introduce you to the local setting and bring shared emotions.
Meet local producers, suppliers of Michelin-starred chef Patrice Vander, in charge of Les Fresques restaurant at Hôtel Royal.
We offer you :

On the lake shore with Dominique Lagnier

After departing from the Hôtel Royal, you walk along the shore of Lake Geneva, with a guide and the Hôtel Royal’s Food & Beverage Manager, Dominique Lagnie.
You will meet Eric Jacquier, an exceptional fisherman who supplies the leading local Michelin-starred chefs and you will enjoy a private tasting session sampling products from the lake.
Level of difficulty: easy

Marin vineyard with Loïc Chavasse-Frette

Accompanied by a “Sport & Culture” guide and the Hôtel Royal’s Head Sommelier, Loïc Chavasse – Frette, enjoy a hike through the grape vines.
Go along the Dranse river, ascending to enjoy the wonderful views of Lake Geneva and Switzerland.
At the end of this authentic discovery, enjoy a private wine tasting session at the Delalex winery in Marin.
Level of difficulty: easy to moderate

Novel Alpine pasture with Sébastien Caquelard

The Hôtel Royal’s Food & Beverage Director, Sébastien Caquelard and by a “Sport & Culture” guide will accompany you from the small Savoyard village of Novel.
the trail will take you to the “Neuvaz Trépertuis” Alpine pasture in the Dent d’Oche massif, close to the Swiss border, where you will pass through stunning scenery between lake and mountains.
you will visit and you will enjoy a private tasting session sampling mountain pasture cheeses in Novel.
Level of difficulty: moderate or challenging
120€ per person
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Bookings & enquiries :
+33 (0)4 50 26 96 58 • sportculture@evianresort.com
Groups of 2 to 5 people. Booking required at least 10 days prior to the hike
2 to 3 hours of walking depending on the chosen hike and the weather
Difficulty tailored to the group
Walking boots recommended (available for hire at the hotel)
Includes transportation in the Evian Resort’s shuttle buses.