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Evian One

Evian One, an extraordinary experience within reach


Come aboard Evian One and shorten your journey to the Evian Resort and enjoy all the pleasures available on and around Lake Geneva. This world-exclusive vessel with its futuristic design and pioneering performance means your journey time from Geneva to us is less than 45 minutes and you can cruise in comfort towards all the leisure pursuits available in the Lake Geneva area.


Evian One is a designer object, currently a vessel unique in the world. This futuristic catamaran offers you extra-wide leather seats positioned close to the windows as well as champagne and drinks served on board for a comfortable, luxurious experience.


Thanks to its revolutionary design, Evian One travels twice as fast as a conventional boat whilst using half as much fuel which translates into less wave, noise and pollution.

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Evian One

Cruise towards all the joys on and around Lake Geneva.
Discover the area by boat, go visiting and become acquainted with navigating
on this revolutionary 12-metre catamaran in the pristine blue waters of Lake Geneva. With 8 ports on Lake Geneva, you can cruise towards all the joys the area offers and make golfing, gourmet, travel and cultural discoveries.
Golf discoveries

Indulge in your passion for golf with special access to the most prestigious golf clubs
Gourmet discoveries

Taste the very best of the region’s fine dining
Travel discoveries

Explore the region by boat, become acquainted with navigating in the pristine blue waters of Lake Geneva and enjoy many panoramic viewpoints along the way.
Cultural discoveries

Set off in search of Lake Geneva’s cultural gems, sailing between festivals, concerts, museums, galleries and cultural institutions.
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Capacity of up to 8 passengers with luggage.
Navigation 24/7.
Other docking points available on request.
Crossing Switzerland-Switzerland with a stop-over in Evian.
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