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3 days to reconnect with your inner nature

3 days to reconnect with your inner nature
From 11.01.2017 until 01.31.2018


The Evian Resort has drawn inspiration from the rich natural surroundings on Lake Geneva to create the “Yoga Season Experience” and bring you exclusive weekend breaks. The 5-star Hôtel Royal Palace located in a unique setting between lake and mountains is the ideal spot for you to reconnect with yourself and with nature, in the very place where Evian water springs forth.


These exclusive yoga weekends have been designed so that you can reconnect with your inner nature as the seasons change. Yoga sessions, spa therapies, vegetarian cuisine, mindfulness walks… Everything has been studied down to the last detail to harmonise with the rhythm of the solstices and equinoxes.

We want to offer you a place where time recovers its natural rhythm. Where our humanity is in harmony with how we truly are. During this mini escape from time, the frenzy of action is replaced by mindful contemplation. These tailor-made weekends have been put together by our spa therapists, experts in harnessing energy flows and our executive chefs, in collaboration with Julien Levy, an iconic figure in the field of yoga and well-being.


We invite you to enter a new era in your life and discover new momentum through the Four Rs: :
Rebirth in Spring, Resplendent in summer, Reduce speed in autumn, Renewal in winter.

Your Yoga Season Experience programme follows the cycle of the Five Elements of traditional Chinese medicine, targeting the meridians which are most active during each season with specific treatments which benefit the body, mind, emotions and internal organs. Traditional techniques, which work wonderfully to meet our modern-day needs, lead to deep revitalisation and a reconnection with one’s true inner nature.

Winter programme: Rejuvenate
An inner repose

Body : revitalise, recharge, practice self-care.
Soul :inner silence, tranquil waters.
Mind : soothe, active patience, meditation.

As night falls on the four seasons, winter draws the annual cycle to a close. On the Earth’s surface, nature falls asleep, entering into the depths of its soul, inviting us to rejuvenate.


According to the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine, the winter element is water, symbol of a serene, fluid power that adapts to its environment.

Winter program

Welcome at Hôtel Royal from 3p.m
Vegetarian dinner


Optional meditation (unaccompanied)
Winter yoga
(group class – 1 hr)
Meditative snow-shoe walk:
listen to the silence. (1 hr 30 min)
Vegetarian lunch
2 treatments at the Spa Evian Source
Vegetarian dinner


Optional meditation (unaccompanied)
Winter yoga
(group class – 1 hr 30 min)
2 treatments at the Spa Evian Source
Vegetarian lunch


From 1,230 € per person in double occupancy

Price includes your accommodation at the Hôtel Royal and your Autumn Yoga Season Experience


Direct booking

Offer valid from 1 November to 31 January, subject to availability. Reservation required


Further information on our Yoga Season Experiences programmes


Julien Levy :

Julien Levy is a certified vinyasa yoga and acroyoga instructor, a body therapist trained in traditional Chinese medicine, an author and a columnist for yoga magazines. He passes on these arts at courses in France and Switzerland as well as through the music he composes (Jiven Nithaya) and his painting.
His “Free the body & soothe the mind” approach is one of the foundations of his personal development method. Having previously practised martial arts, for him yoga is a metaphor for life: the postures correspond to situations in life that can be mastered through breathing. He focuses on self-respect and movement awareness. “Learning to shift our limits rather than surpass them gives full scope to our inner potential, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.”